Аbout the conference

National Technical University of Ukraine
"Kiev Polytechnic Institute"
Language Training Department of the Faculty of Linguistics
I invite you to take part in the

III All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference
"Multilingualism in contemporary society:

to be held
April 28, 2016
g .. in Kiev at: ul. Metallistov 5-A, the housing 31
The conference will include a plenary session.
Conference languages: Ukrainian, English, Russian.

Scientific-practical conference on multilingualism in the context of modern social development. Particular attention will be paid to multilingualism as an object and instrument of language policy and - increasingly - the policy of the state, the modern language didactics of higher education in the internationalization of education, in particular - education in a foreign language; the theory and practice of translation of professional texts; transformation of cultural codes, due to globalization.

Proposed areas of discussion (which it is not limited to):
Causes of multilingualism as a sociocultural phenomenon.
Intercultural integration in the era of globalization.
Multilingualism, linguistic tolerance and intercultural communication.
Translation Theory and practice of multilingualism.
Psycho-pedagogical possibilities of multilingual education.
Language policy: the EU strategy "Europe 2020".
Multilingualism and language policy in the creation of the state.
Bilingualism and lexical-semantic interference.
Bilingualism and its variants in the system application.